• Image of Magnetic LED light bar for work
  • Image of Magnetic LED light bar for work
  • Image of Magnetic LED light bar for work

This light was supposed to be a project for my brother’s UTV but he ended up liking it so much and using it so often that we decided to make more for our friends who kept asking about it.
Many off-road vehicles out there have crazy light bars all over them but they are in a mostly fixed position that does not really help when you are trying to repair something off to the side or under the vehicle. A lot of the farmers out here have bought Cut Lights® from me to use for nighttime irrigation and pump repair and they do work just fine for that.
On this light, I just decided to use a wider LED spread and housing to produce a beam that is more suited for working, rather than cutting sign.

**Don’t buy this light for sign cutting. The beam pattern is not good for that and it doesn’t aim the same way.**

This light is intended for sticking to the side of your work truck, UTV, rock crawler or wherever you need temporary light to work with or detect obstacles.

This light housing is about 11.5 inches by 3 inches. We attached 2 magnets, each with 100 pound pulling force. The cord is about 6 feet long and rubberized for easier handling and less tangling. These magnets and cord are the same quality used on our journeyman model Cut Lights®

This is a limited run so get them while they last.