Serious About the Job

For Most people in America, border patrol agents  are those guys in green who stop them along the highway and ask funny questions.  Maybe they see the green and white vehicle driving around or parked near the border fence and think of agents as some kind of police officers since we carry guns and badges and our tool belt resembles that of a policeman.   Those of us that have done the job or have close family who does, know different. 

We know that agents are required to be very vigilant and react very quickly at times.  We know that agents have to think very differently than most people and have seen the world in its most ‘toxic’ and often violent state.  Agents face very difficult and desperate criminals, in very difficult and remote environments, often under harsh political and public scrutiny.

Most agents are expected to maintain a high level of cardiovascular fitness, a proficiency in the Spanish language, work long hours while maintaining a high level of concentration and awareness, and generate reports and documentation for use within the legal system. 

At the end of an agent’s day, they often have to make a long drive back to their home due to the remote areas in which they work, and they’re desire to give loved ones the best possible living conditions, while the agents spend their long hours on the job.

Field Patrol Agent was founded by a former soldier turned agent who decided to make a difference for these border patrol agents whom he grew to admire during his time in the military.  As a soldier and life-long mechanic, he gained an understanding for the mechanical aspects and techniques used by the border patrol and found that agents were forced to invent and assemble their own field equipment for use on the job.  This was most likely due to the common misconception that agents are the same as police officers and therefore, can use the same equipment.  This soldier found that agents in the border patrol walk a line that falls between that of a soldier and a police officer and that neither of the tools from either warrior, would suit an agents needs exactly.  This soldier knew that to address the needs of these brave men and women, he would first have to walk in their boots.

The products developed at ‘field patrol agent’ are the equivalent or superior to those made and used by border patrol agents every day in the field.  You will notice that we sell both military and law enforcement tools that have been adapted to, or fit the exact needs of a “patrol agent” or as we were often referred to, a “P.A”. 

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