• Image of Infrared LED vehicle light
  • Image of Infrared LED vehicle light
  • Image of Infrared LED vehicle light

This light uses a 48 infrared LED board that creates only a faint purple glow when seen by the naked eye. Seen through night vision goggles, the illumination is similar to that of a normal car’s high beams. These lights are excellent for conducting surveillance when you want your vehicle to remain unseen.

Once you discover how useful these lights can be, you will never want to be without one.

We searched and searched for an affordable alternative to the staggeringly expensive Infrared technology offered by most flashlight companies out there. We were finally able to assemble an effective light source with minimal size and maximum value.

These lights have aluminum housings and brackets that may bend or break when mishandled or dropped. We do our best to make the entire assembly as durable as possible but please use care when removing these lights from a metal surface as the magnetic hold is very strong. See our instructional video for proper use and removal.

-12 foot cord with 16 gauge wiring and heavy duty plug

-ceramic cup magnet

-Border Patrol Agent tested

**This Infrared LED light is assembled by Field Patrol Agent for use on STATIONARY vehicles such as flir trucks. We DO NOT intend for this product to be used on a moving vehicle.**